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Orna Lutski
1957 Born in Jerusalem, Married, 2 children, lives and works on Moshav Beit Oved,Israel.

Solo Exhibitions
1995 Autogallery, paintings , Rehovot.
  Edith Pollack Cultural Center, paintings , Kiryat Gat.
1996 Israel Painters and Sculptors Association, sculptures, Tel Aviv.
1997 The Gallery of the Moshavim Movement, sculptures, Tel Aviv.
2001 Yitzhak Rabin Guest House, sculptures, Jerusalem.

Group Exhibitions
1994 Masks, sculpture, Opera Center, Tel Aviv.
1996 The Open Museum, Industrial Park Tefen.
1997 Sculpture Garden for Peace and Coexistence, sculptures, Kawkab Abu Elhija, (Beit Hagefen).
  Three Palm Trees, for Mr. Shimon Peres,Shalom Institute, Tel Aviv.
  Virtual Horses Gallop in The Wadi, installation, The Holiday of the Holidays, Beit Hagefen, Haifa.
1998 Three Palm Trees, sculpture, for King Hussein, Jordan (Beit Hagefen).
  Nature as Homeland, sculpture ,The President's Residence, Jerusalem.
  The Iron Biennale, sculpture, Goren Park.
  House of Prayer,The Holiday of the Holidays, Beit Hagefen, Haifa.
  My House is My Castle, sculpture, The Gallery of the Moshavim Movement, Tel Aviv.
1999 Harvest of Pomegranates, sculptures, Ashdod Museum.
  Vases, , installation, City Studio Gallery,Yavne.
  Symboles, installation,The Holiday of Holidays, Beit Hagefen, Haifa.
  Women March for Peace, installation,Maoz Haim,Israely- Jordenian.
2000 Ten Years to Ashdod Museum, painting ,Ashdod.
  Drishat Shalom-Greeting Of Peace, painting , Givat Haviva.
  Children ,The Holiday of Holidays, sculpture, Bait Hagefen, Haifa.
  Acupuncture, sculpture, City Studio Gallery, Yavne.
  Penguins, sculpture, Creo Scitax, Moshv Shavei Zion .
  Milestones, sculpture, The Gallery of the Moshavim Movement,Tel Aviv .
2001 Orna Lutski & Zak Zanu,sculpture, Lady Roslyn Lunas Gallery, Karmiel.
  My cup of wine, painting ,Wine Festival ,winery Rishon Le-Zion.
  Wedding, The Holiday of Holidays, installation, Bait Hagefen, Haifa.
2002 A Leaf of Peace, painting ,Artist for Peace,Dalyat El-Crmel,Cfar Shaba…
  Woman Festival, painting,The Jewish-Arab Theater,Jafo-Tel Aviv.
  Mediteraneean Flags, The Holiday of Holidays, Bait Hagefen, Haifa.
2003 Birds Life Without Borders, sculpture,Ein Hrod.
  Yavne Between Holiness end Everyday, sculpture,Yavne
Stationary Sculptures
The Daughters of Hiran, Ha'ahuza, Beit Hanan.
Olive, The Open Museum Sculpture Garden, Industrial Park, Tefen.
Virtual Horses Gallop in the Valley, The City Studio Gallery, Yavneh.
Three Palm Trees, The Sculpture Garden for Peace and Coexistence, Kawkab Abu Elhija.
House of Prayer, Wadi Nisnas, Haifa.
Women March for Peace and The Signing Table, hills of Beit Sha'an, on the Jordanian-Israeli border .
Rock Woman,Dexon,Cezary.


Three Palm Trees

4.5 meter,h / 3.5 meter,w

iron & concrete

Sculpture Garden for Peace and Coexistence, Kawkab Abu Elhija,

Beit Hagefen.

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